About Knirps

Your premier destination for stylish and durable umbrellas. Discover our collection of innovative designs that blend fashion with functionality, ensuring you stay protected in any weather. Experience superior quality and craftsmanship with Knirps, the epitome of reliable rain accessories.

Knirps History

Once upon a time, a gentleman called Hans Haupt found it difficult to carry his walking stick and an umbrella at the same time, so he decided to look for a solution. The result, the first umbrella with a collapsible frame - his new invention fitted perfectly in his pocket and was always available when it rained!

Given its small size, Hans referred to his new umbrella as "knirps", which means "little guy" in German, and that's how this famous brand got its name. Since 1928, Knirps foldable pocket umbrellas have been carried by happy and dry customers the world over.

Knirps UK

Burton Blake Ltd is the exclusive UK distributor for Knirps. Since 2012, we have been the UK's leading online retailer for truly great luxury products from premium brands such as Knirps, WOLF, Bang & Olufsen, ST Dupont, KEF, Anglepoise, Riedel and many more. Over 250,000 delighted customers have experienced our amazing customer service. Every day we strive to give our customers the highest possible standard of service.

International orders

For orders outside the UK, visit the international Knirps website.